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why is it sometimes so complicated to have a conversation with a stranger?

“A suggestive question is one that implies that a certain answer should be given in response, or falsely presents a presupposition in the question as accepted fact.”

Is it not something we already did, saw and felt thousand times, when we had a conversation with a stranger?

Sometimes the questions are okay but the person that hears them, puts him/herself and his/ her insecurities, self-issues, moods of the day into it and makes the dialogue a weird one.

It’s not always both people having prejudices, insecurities or bad days. But it’s often at least one person, that is not able to ask a question or hear a question without putting themselves too much in it.

And we are not here to judge that. We just want to openly start to talk about it.

Overthinking ourselves and acts of others and being exhausted and exhaust others is a pretty obvious state of nearly everyone I know.

We all have already judged someone for something that we also did. We do it the same day.

And we also know the big correlation between other people being annoying or wrong and us being tired, thirsty, unhappy or overworked. We can actually follow it through the day become more while the day gets longer. But we still do it so easily.

But it’s so harming to other and harming to us. How will we get out of that loop? How will we understand ourselves more so we can have more tolerance for others? And when will we understand that the tolerance we have for other will determine the tolerance we have for us and vice versa.

I think we should see, listen and hear others better. If you look back, you will see how much we suffered from wrong and right judgments about us and how much we still do. If we want that to stop, we should start with not judging anyone else and ourselves anymore and even if we do, realize it’s made up and doesn’t has any value. Don’t give it value. Hopefully and rightfully, it will become less and less.

A dialogue is more than exchanging information’s and experiences. A dialogue involves more than one person caring, listening and understanding.

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