flowershops, coffeeshops and no small things

I never asked myself that question, because I knew my answer. Yes, should have been and would have been my answer to the following question:

A lovely day in the beginning of 2019, I went to a close by flower shop and after I asked her if I regularly can buy flowers for my new coffee shop, she asked me, if there would be a need for “another” new coffee shop?

And I was a bit buffered because I thought, if no one else, she knew. She sells flowers. Is there a need for flowers? Yes, one million needs. But both flower shops and coffee shops, when they open up, do they always fulfill a need? I think they do.

Because if they wouldn’t, the probably would’nt have customers.



But and here comes the important difference. Are they always opened with the right intentions? No, certainly, not always.

Our coffee shop became a bit of a hit in the neighborhood, but unfortunately hers had to shut the doors during the pandemic. While I really do feel sorry for here, even though bits of me didn’t like here looking down on me, I also kind of think I know why.

She broke me down into my usage and that’s likely what she did with her flowers.

Forgetting the most important variable, the impact.

Flowers make people happy, the same as good coffee, a banter, a hug, or a day spent in the woods. All that stuff matters, and is highly needed and appreciated, but what doesn’t matter as much is when we do stuff for the sake of doing it.



If you think flowers are cool and you want to help people have them too, you should gift them to as many people as you can and want. And if your bond with flowers goes even beyond that, you should try to make a business out of that and sell them to as many people as possible. And if you are really good at it, you should consider creating job opportunities and hire employees that have close to those intentions and let them to the same.

But if you just open another coffee shop, where you just sell coffee and just serve people, maybe you didn’t choose the right fit, but more probably, you should really start seeing nuances again, and flourish yours and others lives again. You make it just something by not looking at it in its full potential.

Small things can change a whole life.  And if you look at it closely, there’s probably no small things.


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