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tell me truth, was it a trap? A few words about working with coffee.


When we first really met, the awkward power of absence forced my mind into complete dedication for you.
It was a quite moment, sitting somewhere, a breeze, some nice flattering light, a washed ethiopian coffee and suddenly the overwhelming thought and dream of replication, optimization and a long lasting, each other helping, relationship. Forever.
In that moment I felt, that I would and will do anything. Further and further till I’m finally there.
Where ?

The hidden element of coffee is what makes us all love everything about it, and we’re obsessed with learning more and more about it, to make up even more fuss about it and sell it to our customers and beloved once.

Repeating phrases we once learned over and over again, whilst thirsting for new one liners that make us look smart or posh.
Instead of living in the present, we live in ecstasy, overcaffeinated and overworked trying to solve a problem, that never was one.
And our attempt to solve the problem is to start one more too experimental experiment, where the result is, let’s say, ideas for a few more too experimental experiments?!

But we should rather try to explain our passion instead of fixing it as a mystification.

The hidden is not nothing, its the other side of something that is there. Certain objects have them and when you try to describe them you sometimes end up by describing them by what they are not, what they could be and what they did with us.
Objects can just seem unfinished for us, as an answer to our expectations. We should change our view and instead of ending up in a room searching for the next and next dopamine shot and always ending up with nothing, let us try to give our view rest, sit somewhere and stay. Appreciative.
We love you, you black vividly, viciously mouth washing, wonderful drinkable, multiple times of our everyday drink, drink.

In the hope of creating a less intimidating and more informative hub for coffee lovers, aesthetic friends and culture creatures, we have created our own editorial space. It’s here where we will platform and navigate “the spectrum between the perfect and the real”.

Introducing, interviewing, presenting, gathering, writing and all sorts of another ways of trying to make our lives richer of anything helpful or positive that comes in pretty shapes, consistency’s, colours, words, emotions or acts.

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