pretty light flight – a day in summer at kajumi

A perfect summer, for a perfect summer. Is’nt it great to watch  people interact. The moment when i get a glimpse of a conversation, mostly ends up with my ears becoming bigger than my head. Two people looking at each other is such a nice moment to look at. The looks they give each other, the emotions they can get out of each other. How nervous they can become for each other, how many unspoken words you can discover in each of their faces. I also like when people argue, that sometimes screams out loud how much they care for each other. I enjoy when I see them tight, holding each other close and admitting with their bodies, without you, it will be though on me. I also love to see kids when they are alive laughing, screaming, crying or loving as much as we did, when we also have been kids.

When you have a lot of love in yourself, theres one million beautiful things to discover.

Tell me what you find beautiful. I cant wait to also see it.

In the hope of creating a less intimidating and more informative hub for coffee lovers, aesthetic friends and culture creatures, we have created our own editorial space. It’s here where we will platform and navigate “the spectrum between the perfect and the real”.

Introducing, interviewing, presenting, gathering, writing and all sorts of another ways of trying to make our lives richer of anything helpful or positive that comes in pretty shapes, consistency’s, colours, words, emotions or acts.

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