brühling – botanischer volkspark pankow-blankenfelde

Brühling im Park

Botanischer Volkspark Blankenfelde-Pankow is in the Pankow district of northern Berlin. It is a beautiful 84-acre public park containing 6000 species of plants.

And in the heart of it thommy and his crew are running a Cafe out of a window from a greenhouse. Theres nothing that we have to add to this, to make this trip worth a spot on your to-do list. 

They sell baked goods from kajumi and farben kaffee. Everything inside of it and surrounding it, is everything and more for a well spent day, combining nature, adventure and culinary with the birds singing on the background.

There are plenty of walking paths for exploring the park. You can see fallow deer and sheep. Bird watchers will enjoy the diversity of birds there. And you ( GO THERE ON A DATE or go there with your family) will also be one thing more, that makes the park a special place.



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