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Isn’t it a love story by itself that a mother and her son builted this together?

This is a place where we want to drink a coffee.

A place that slightly reminds us on how we first imagined coffee shops when they started to become popular in cities like new york and london.

A busy street in the financial district, between big towers of big corporates and busy people crashing into each other, there is this rock, a rock in the form of shiny silver lever espressomachine.


This rock is the place where humans refill their energy again.

With coffee and treats, served from paul and baked by his mother.

Its this authentic places that we crave so much, when we again find ourself in this expensive but nothing saying interior coffee shops. That choose to be as clean as possible, or how I like to see it as boring as possible.

This place is different, paul and the other barista are wearing cooking aprons, and the mother bakes this heavenly treats. Malaysian coffee buns filled with chocolate for example or how they should be called, clouds directly from the heaven.




From monday to friday they bake and sell self laminated croissants. Everyone who knows, knows how much labour and passion goes into every single one of of them. Every friday they serve caneles, crisp in the outside and soft and chewy in the middle.

They’re closed on weekends, which is also pretty unusual.

But they do what’s right for them and we love that. Especially as they choose us farben kaffee to be a part of their project by providing them with coffee.

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In the hope of creating a less intimidating and more informative hub for coffee lovers, aesthetic friends and culture creatures, we have created our own editorial space. It’s here where we will platform and navigate “the spectrum between the perfect and the real”.

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