material berlin

Where to find farben kaffee? At Material.

A bakery, an espressobar  that dresses up and becomes a natural wine bar/ bistro in the evening.

A room adorned with bricks, art deco tiles, chairs from all decades and  a table that is as long as all the cravings that you will suffer entering a place that stands for natural ingredients with a mindblowing taste. The texture of sourdough, the smell of safran. The tingle of petite naturell wine and the warmth of whipped ricotta all in one place. If you ever have to decide, in which room you would stay, if you just can choose one. Material is the room, no doubt.



The machinery is one of a kind and not seen anywhere else. Farben Kaffee is super happy to run through this beautiful machinery, that are managed skilllfully

One of a kind experience for coffee lovers, bakery friends, natural wine drinkers and foodies.


No compromises, with nothing.

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In the hope of creating a less intimidating and more informative hub for coffee lovers, aesthetic friends and culture creatures, we have created our own editorial space. It’s here where we will platform and navigate “the spectrum between the perfect and the real”.

Introducing, interviewing, presenting, gathering, writing and all sorts of another ways of trying to make our lives richer of anything helpful or positive that comes in pretty shapes, consistency’s, colours, words, emotions or acts.

farben kaffee berlin Gmbh
Dunckerstrasse 73
10437 Berlin



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