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Like If it wouldn’t be enough to be a great female and queer authors bookstore, She said is also a community-place, where wonderful events and readings are happening, a coffee shop, where wonderful pastries are baked by themselves and more than everything else, a place its time ahead.


Since the first days that we heard rumours and saw pictures of the process, we are endlessly in love.

We could talk hours about the curation of books, the shining of the bar or the beautifully organized shelves. We still wouldn’t have told you about the moist level of their focaccias, the authenticity of their choices or their drive and admiration to make things better, for everyone involved.

Inclusivity, tolerance and the understanding of others and ourselves are big subjects of our decade, but the best way possible, She said delivers it to everyone in the form of plenty of warm hugs.

GO, have a look by yourself.


We’re more than happy that they’re chose us to be a part of their journey and offer farben kaffee at their bar.

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In the hope of creating a less intimidating and more informative hub for coffee lovers, aesthetic friends and culture creatures, we have created our own editorial space. It’s here where we will platform and navigate “the spectrum between the perfect and the real”.

Introducing, interviewing, presenting, gathering, writing and all sorts of another ways of trying to make our lives richer of anything helpful or positive that comes in pretty shapes, consistency’s, colours, words, emotions or acts.

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