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Where you can find our special coffee! At this special place:

Stube is a specialty coffee shop that combines the traditional way of making the famous turkish mocca, with the new modern era of specialty coffees like V60s and flat whites.


Nizam, the owner, a lawyer full time and a also full time coffee and tea enthusiats took the old fashion drink and worked on the details, found some rare beans, tweaked the profile even more together with his mother and now offers one of the tastiest moccas we know.


Speciality coffee, where we measure everything and overthink the process heavily and therefore often ( not always) end up with a really pleasent drink, finds his home where modern ideas are implemented  as much as tradition gets praised. In every new, there is a lot of old involved and we should respect and cheer that.

At Stube you can find super cool and modern chairs from the sixties in italy combined with wonderful blue ilmari Tapiovaara chairs, tasty sourdough bagels and housebaked cakes and cookies from his mother. Some of the artworks at stube are from his little sister and we love how the family buisness has each others backs in the heart of cologne. Probably the prettiest and friendliest Veedel of the city with now a real special place added to the map.


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